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The recycling plant of plastic


Recycling PET plastic requires a set of technical procedures of sorting and purification to transform waste into a new secondary raw material having identical physical qualities to those made from petrochemical virgin PET plastic. You will find below a summary of these steps:

  • Steps outside the plant
  • Steps inside the plant
  • Waste sorting
  • Bottle blow, molding, filling and sale to market
  • Sale of preforms and granules to APPE customers
  • Preform manufacturing via plastic injection
  • Purification of granules by polycondensation
  • PET flakes extrusion to transform to granules
  • PET flakes washing and sorting of caps and metal
  • Sorting, pre-washing and grinding of bottles
  • Unpacking of bales
  • Storage of bales
  • Purchase of plastic bales
  • Sorting Center