6th Student competition

For the past 6 years, Infineo has been hosting various engineering and business schools for an inter-school competition on the theme of the circular economy of packaging.
This year, 6 groups of students from the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the Institut Agro Dijon competed on the theme of beverage distribution at sporting and/or festive events.

The 6 teams had to propose a “nudge” (a tool other than a financial incentive) to motivate users of cups in sports and festive venues to return them at the end of the event.
This theme was chosen because on 1 July 2022, football stadiums in France will have to use cups to distribute drinks.

The winning team proposed a Photobooth that works with cups, and a fun survey to collect cups in the fan zones.
Other teams suggested using fun votes, stadium screens or players’ social networks to motivate spectators to bring the cup back.

The Jury was composed of ADEME, the Professional Football League, Olympique Lyonnais and Coca-Cola.
The competition gave the students a better understanding of the difficulties of the sports sector in implementing the circular economy in stadiums and fan zones. The students enjoyed working in project teams with students from another school.